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Tony Waters


The president is responsible for the overall management and operations of the Club including all the projects, activities, fundraising  and meetings.

Tony still enjoys his work organising and managing property syndicates for investors He also enjoys golf, films, food and wine.

Tricia Hartshorn
Club Executive: Secretary


Tricia enjoys spending time with her two horses from Project Hope, and also singing with the Woodend Warblers.

Mike Hamer
Club Executive: Recruitment Co-ordinator & President Elect


Mike is the current membership and publicity chair. His key responsibilities include the recruitment and retention of members along with the publicity and promotion of the club. Mike is also chair of the New Woodend Star, a key club initiative.

He’s a keen mountain bike rider and loves the trails and forests of the Woodend area. And he’s actively involved in charity work for those caring for family members with a mental illness.

John McCausland
Club Executive: Treasurer


Charles Bender
Club Director: Club Service


Josephine Falzarano
Club Director: Community Service


The Community Service Director role is to enhance knowledge and understanding of local needs and challengers, and seeks to implement club projects and activities to improve life in our local community.

Josephine is involved in the New Woodend Star publication, and a member of the local choir.

Alan Cann
Club Director: International Service


As a retiree, my wife Shirley and I have been conducting business training workshops in the Pacific Islands over the last 9 years including 5 years working with the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce to deliver training in business planning to disadvantaged and those with low levels of education.

Rosemary Guyatt
Club Director: Vocational Services


Vocational programs include conducting interview skills workshops for school students to help them undertake job search, mentoring programs, and programs where Rotarians can utilise their own vocation and work experience to support community activities.

Rosemary’s day job is a Human Resources Manager, and she enjoys reading, swimming and experimenting with new recipes on her friends.

Paul Quinn
Club Director: Youth Services


Penelope Longton
Club Director: Rotary Foundation