New Woodend Star

The New Woodend Star is the community newspaper of Woodend and surrounding district, and is an initiative of the Rotary Club of Woodend.

The original Woodend Star was a newspaper printed from 1888 to approximately 1970. The New Woodend Star was first published in June 1997 in black and white, and as of 2018 is now printed in full colour.

It owes its success to the dedicated body of Rotarians and volunteers who assist in its production and distribution.

The New Woodend Star provides an opportunity for the community to be heard by presenting articles that are interesting, relevant and beneficial to the community.  It provides affordable and effective advertising for our local businesses and tradespeople which helps ensure its sustainability. With a circulation of 3,750 copies per issue, it is produced monthly (excluding January).

To find out more and view the current, and recent past issues, please visit the website: